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Earth Goddess Dress

So I went thrift shopping with my mom yesterday and to our surprise my dad decided to join us. He is NOT a thrift store shopper. When we got to the Goodwill he actually started looking for things for me to refashion. I think he is more excited about this than I am! Haha. Anyway this is one that he picked out. Got it for  $3.50.


It’s not bad as a skirt but I’m more of a dress person. So I got to looking at it and discovered its a fake wrap around skirt. A real wrap around skirt wraps without a seam to hold it together. This one has a seam and a button at the waist.


Not to worry I have plans for this faker. So I put my arm where the seam and the fake wrap part meet so that the button at the waist was now at the shoulder.


A great little no sew.


My first No Sew refashion!

I found this beauty at the Salvation Army for $1! I know, I know Beauty? Well it isn’t now but it will be!


So at first I didnt know what to do with this one. As you can see it is skinny at the bottom and large at the top. 

 So I decided to tuck the dress part into a pair of skinny jeans and see what happens.


What do you think?