Thrift shopping and refashioning is so addictive!

So I’m still really new at refashioning. I got started only about a month ago. But so far I love it! I love that I have a new wardrobe and the most I have spent on one item was maybe $5! It’s also nice knowing that I am doing my part in keeping these old clothes out of the landfills and thus saving the environment. I hope that through this blog I can encourage others to do the same. It is so rewarding to make or refashion something and then have people comment on how neat your clothes are. I love seeing their faces when they find out that I refashioned it from an old ugly something! Seriously you should try it!

These are hard times. Gas prices seem to keep going up making everything else go up. People are trying hard to spend less money these days. But women are notorious for wanting, even needing, new clothes and shoes. So why not thrift shop? I have never been to proud to wear a hand me down. In fact I love telling people how much I paid for one of my frocks! Just yesterday I bought two skirts that were in perfect condition for $.25 each!  How cool is that? 

It’s tons of fun when you have a partner. It helps to keep those creative juices flowing to have a second opinion. My mom is my partner. She has a great eye for style and being a seasoned seamstress she knows the quality of a piece of fabric just by looking at it. She is great to shop with!


ImageHere’s my mom showing off her $.25 top. Isn’t she cute?

If you have seen  the Earth Goddess Dress then you know my dad joined us yesterday. Trust me when I say thrift shopping is not his bag! He gets bored so easily. But yesterday even his creative mind got to going. He was looking through the skirts trying to find something for me to refashion. We had a great time!

So get out there and start thrift shopping. Do something good for yourself and the environment. You will get addicted I promise.


 Thrifting together.  🙂


Earth Goddess Dress

So I went thrift shopping with my mom yesterday and to our surprise my dad decided to join us. He is NOT a thrift store shopper. When we got to the Goodwill he actually started looking for things for me to refashion. I think he is more excited about this than I am! Haha. Anyway this is one that he picked out. Got it for  $3.50.


It’s not bad as a skirt but I’m more of a dress person. So I got to looking at it and discovered its a fake wrap around skirt. A real wrap around skirt wraps without a seam to hold it together. This one has a seam and a button at the waist.


Not to worry I have plans for this faker. So I put my arm where the seam and the fake wrap part meet so that the button at the waist was now at the shoulder.


A great little no sew.

Rose Garden Top

At first when I saw this one I wasn’t to crazy about it.

You can see why right?
You can see why right?

Very um old lady. Besides I’m not a huge fan of big roses. But I decided to try anyway. First I got rid of these

Shoulder pads? Why? What purpose do they serve??

Then this weird netting stuff.

What is this for?

Also got rid of those poofy sleeves. It’s way to hot here for those! I also got rid of that out dated collar. Which left me with a slight mess to clean up. No worries I ran a hem around the raw edges of the sleeves and the neck. Then I detached the skirt from the top and hemmed the bottom.  I tried it on and discovered a little problem. The holes from the sleeves were to big. Oh well so I took a long silver chain and wrapped it several times through the arms and this is what I got.

Maybe roses aren’t so bad after all.

Green With Envy

I found this horrible thing at The Maranatha Mission Thrift Store for $1. It is a size 22w and oh so boring. But I was immediately drawn to the fabric. It flows and does not wrinkle! Yay! The color is nice too. Oh the possibilities!

So I took a seam ripper and got rid of that boring top. It had a zipper I got rid of that. Now I had a huge skirt to deal with.

The skirt was put together with pannels. I took one out and seemed it up the back. Then made a casing around the waist

and put elastic in the casing. Instant skirt! No hemming required! But as I looked at it it still looked to blah. So instead I did this.

Much, much better don’t ya think?

It had ties in the back. I removed them, took one and crossed it over in the front then safety pinned it to the top.

I then took this lovely little broach my mother gave me and pinned it over the pins. I did not sew the straps on because I may still want to wear it as a skirt.

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

So I guess the first thing to do in this new blogging thing is to tell you a little about myself. I’m a Georgia girl. Raised in the middle of nowhere. Homeschooled. Preacher’s kid. Preacher’s sister. Preacher’s granddaughter. Preacher’s daughter-in-law. Haha surrounded. I was raised in a home with little money and  so we had to learn to live life simply. Many of my childhood memories are of my mother sewing clothing for all of us. She tried to teach me when I was a child but at the time I had little interest in the art of sewing. I liked to crochet. Even learned to knit. But sewing well it was a challenge. Then one day I landed on the website. If you haven’t seen or heard of her go check her out right now! She has inspired me to try some of this stuff on my own.

At first I was intimidated. I mean who do I think I am? I am certainly not my mom and definitely not The Refashionista. So where to start? I started at the Goodwill. They have tons of stuff and pretty good prices too. I began to look for the ugliest most outdated clothes that I could find. Crazy right? Have you been to the Refashionista’s website yet? You must go in order to understand this new obsession. She can take the most dowdy clothing and turn it in to a thing of beauty. Or coolness. So I set out on my quest. Know what? It’s not as difficult as cutting out clothing using a pattern!

A friend told me that I should pin my projects on pinterest with tutorials. I am once again intimidated so I will start here. I hope you enjoy and I would love your feed back.

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