Curtain Smurtain

I was shopping at the Goodwill several weeks ago for some pretty vintage pillow cases. If you shop at the Goodwill then you know that when shopping for linens it is hard to see what you are getting until you get home and open your little package. Well these were NOT vintage pillow cases! They were curtain valences! 

What was I going do with them? Well I happened to have two of my nieces around and looking at them gave me an idea. What if I did THIS to them?




So I actually like this one as a skirt. But it makes me look fat lol.


So I’m headed to Tybee with my two oldest nieces on Thursday. I needed a bathing suit cover up for the occasion.  I liked the bright color of this one and figured it would be a nice dress/cover up. So I pulled it up under the arms and ha another no sew! Seriously could it be any easier?



Two For One

Isn’t this cute? Wait no it’s what I have in mind for this one that is cute! Haha silly me 😉


I separated the top from the bottom. It had elastic at the waist and a zipper in the back. I hemmed the raw edges and turned it around backwards. I folded the neckline down a bit to create a V neck.


Then I had a cute circle skirt left over. I made a casing for some good ol elastic. But no skirt for this gal! Instead I did this:


Pretty In Pink

I saw this skirt and immediately fell in love.


So Pretty


But I didn’t want to wear it as a skirt. It had a pretty lighter pink liner inside. I snipped it out and cut two straps, a ruffle, and a sash out of it. I used almost all of it! So not much to throw away. Here is the finished project.



I love teal. It’s a nice cool color that can be worn all year around. That was about all I loved about this one:


The style was outdated but the fabric is so pretty. Since it’s summer time I decided to make it a halter dress. The front has about three hidden buttons and then as you can see at the top a pearl button. I liked that it already had elastic at the waist so to get started I made a chop under the arms and across the chest.


Then I made a casing and threaded elastic through so that it would fit better. Then I made straps out of the left over fabric and attached it to the top. I added some ornaments and I was all done. Easy peasy. 🙂



Bright and Sassy

I absolutely love this one! It is so bright and cheery! Of course I only spent $1 for it. 😉 But as I said before I’m not a skirt person. I know what you’re thinking. Just pull it up under the arms and voila! New dress. Nope thats not what I had in mind for this lovely.


I turned it upside down so that the elastic waist was still at the waist but the hem became the neckline.  I made a seem across the bottom to for the shoulder. Them sewed the two splits on the side up just a tad. Boom! Awesome new top! Took me 5 mins!


A Rose By Any Other Name…

I found this one at the Methodist Children’s Home Yard Sale for $.25. Let me just say that I love supporting this place. The Home has sheltered many, many children over the years and has helped to change their lives. All the proceed go toward food, lodging, and trips that they might not otherwise be able to go on. That being said here it is:





Another old lady type deal. But I loved the print and the feel of the fabric. So I got to work seperating the top from the bottom. I made a casing around the waist and inserted the original elastic through it. I tried it on as a top and then pinned it where my arms would go then made a snip.


I then made a seem all the way to the bottom to form the waist and cut off the excess. It was pointed out to me by my lovely niece Ashton that she just loves how I look in halter tops or one sleeve tops. So I made it into a one shoulder in her honor. 😉



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