Painted Shoes, Old Fashioned Underwear, And A Split Skirt

Hello all! Today I have THREE refashions for you! That’s right 3! Check out these shoes I scored for $5:

A closer look...
A closer look…

What’s wrong with these shoes, you say? What the heck are you thinking, you say? Wellll I’m thinking…spray paint! That’s right. Spray paint! More on that later…

Next up…


I liked this maxi but it was a bit long and frumpy. There was another  dress but…well I have either misplaced the before pic or never took it. Either way it’s gone. 😦 Ugh I hate it when that happens! Sorry guys. I will describe it for you though. It was a soft, yellow, sleeveless dress. I think. I kind of think it might have been a nightgown but…Anyway it was pretty. The bodice was…erm…a bit tight for me so I cut it off and made a skirt. But wait a min!

Insert inspiration:

Ahh terrible photo I know...
Ahh terrible photo I know…

This, my friends, is a picture of Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in Ghost Whisperer. I could not for the life of me find a better picture of this dress! I know it’s been awhile since Ghost Whisperer aired but the one thing I remember about that show is that the wardrobe was amazing! This dress inspired me to try it for myself.

As you can see, she is wearing a rather long, light blue, feminine dress that splits up the middle. Underneath are bloomers! What? Who wears those anymore? Melinda does! 😉 And look at those vintage shoes! LOVE them.

So the first thing I did was spray paint my shoes to white. I used regular spray paint which might have been a bad idea. I will find out and let you know. First you have to stuff the shoes with some sort of paper. Newspaper works best but all I had was some Christmas wrapping paper that worked just fine. Then just spray paint. It took about 3 coats to cover.

Then I made my bloomers. Remember the dress that I forgot to snap a before pic of? Well here’s the skirt part:

Yep it has pockets...
Yep it has pockets…

I used a pair of jeans to mark for the crotch. Then snipped:

Do you see it?!!
Do you see it?!!

Then I sewed all of the raw edges and added elastic to the waist. Done!

Next I disconnected the top from the other dress and created a skirt. I then cut it straight up the middle and surged the raw edges.

Put it all together and you have:

Oh my stars, she's showing her Bloomers!
Oh my stars, she’s showing her Bloomers!

And the shoes:


I am in love with this one!  A new twist to an old fashioned pair of underwear! 😉