The Crib

As a part of our faith walk the Hubs and I have begun decorating for our ‘Faith’ baby. It’s really difficult to decide on a theme. I had no idea! I had created a secret board on Pinterest quite awhile ago and have been adding to it like crazy.

Matt and I have spent several occasions sitting in the nursery trying to paint visual pictures of what the little one’s room will look like. When we got to the furniture, Matt said that he would like to build the crib himself. What a wonderful idea! I agreed wholeheartedly.  A few weeks later he came inside after tramping through the woods and declared that he had found a fallen tree that had beautiful wood and he wanted to use it. He was getting excited.

May 13th I had a bad day. Yes I have those. I was getting discouraged and my faith was taking a hit. I was on the way home from choir practice when I broke into tears and cried out to God in frustration. I am so immature I know. Who needs signs all the time? Who needs confirmation every day? Me apparently. That’s something I promise I am working on. But on this day I was weak and grumpy and hormonal and whatever! I pulled into the driveway and sitting in the back yard was a big hunk of wood and sitting next to it was a chain saw.2015-05-14 12.27.32He had drug it up from the woods and had started his project. He knew I was upset that day and struggling. He came outside, smiled great big, and took my hand, “You gonna hope with me?” I, of course, burst into tears ’cause that’s whatcha do.  Isn’t that just like God to look past your wining and pathetic tears and say, “Hey! I love you and I have not forgotten about you.” I stand amazed, yet again.

This faith thing is hard and sometimes I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew. Yet at my weakest, He shows strength and amazing love.

My answer is YES. I will hope with my Husband. Will you also hope with me?



6 thoughts on “The Crib”

  1. I wasn’t able to leave a comment on FB but I enjoy your blog. Everything from your refashions, herb gardens and your blogs about your fertility struggles. I am Nancy’s cousin and I am hoping with you and praying for you! Darlene Z. Meyer

  2. I am encouraged by your faith journey, both good and bad days. You have a great husband and supportive family but better yet, you and I know that Our God is BIGGER and more AWESOME than anything else, even grumpy moods 😉 I am believing with you that you will be a mother and Matt a father in short order. Noah built the ark; I love seeing you both build yours in preparing for new life! My heart unites with yours and I am already celebrating for you to join ranks in the ‘hood. (The parenthood).

    1. Aw thank you so much Candace! I love the reference to Noah’s ark! I never quite thought of it that way. Our ark will be built and we will have our sweet little one soon in God’s planning and timing. His promises are yes and amen. Thank you for believing with me. 😉

  3. I love this!! My Husband and I are in the same boat as u. We both are believing and praying & standing in Faith for Our miracle baby too! and we have had many confirmations as well and have been buying things in faith for our baby. recently for the nursery we bought a wall decal and I can’t wait to put it up when My Husband finally has days off. I’m so excited and happy for u and that there are others like me encouraging the faith walk. I’m looking forward for the day ur baby comes & u get ur good news!! Our babies are on the way! btw I love ur necklace!! that is my favorite verse!

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