In The Garden

Well now that I have posted about the worms and the Herbs it’s time to update you on the Veggie garden. It started out a little rough. First we planted before Easter which I quickly learned was a no, no.  Our seedlings popped up in a week! The photos of the beans were taken after about 2 weeks. The rest were taken after 4 weeks!

The green beans!
The green beans!
The tomatoes and marigolds!
The tomatoes and marigolds!
The carrots!
The carrots!

But then disaster struck…the dreaded last frost hit on the very weekend we decided to go out of town and were not home to protect our plants! We came home and the bean plants were brown and laid over.  So sad was I that I couldn’t bear to take a picture. We also lost the broccoli and one beet plant. Luckily all the other plants made it. We decided to replant the beans but this time with kidney beans, navy beans, and black beans:

2015-04-20 19.14.26
Not the whole jar I promise!


The result 2 weeks later:

The beans are on the back row.
The beans are on the back row. Then the tomatoes, carrots, onions, and beets.

Oh my goodness! How much fun is this?!

Here is this weeks pics:

Tomato flowers!
Tomato flowers!
Marigolds to make the tomatoes sweeter.
Marigolds to make the tomatoes sweeter.
Cucumber flowers!
Cucumber flowers!

If you are wondering what the brown stuff is, it’s cinnamon. Why, you ask? Because ants apparently hate the stuff!

2015-05-27 14.49.12

2015-05-27 14.49.08

2015-05-27 14.50.23Yes, yes I know it all looks the same! But I just had to get it from every angle. I am so excited!


How does your garden grow?



The Healer


2014-05-25 11.24.33

I was taking a nap one Sunday afternoon when it hit me. I need the Healer. I’m tired of dealing with the problems that come with PCOS. I rolled over on my back and placed my hands over my tummy and began to pray. Because I had been to the doctor many times before I was able to be very specific.  If you have ever gone through fertility treatments you began to feel like you are the doctor after a hundred visits!

One of the times I went for an ultrasound of my ovaries I asked the lady why my left one looked so funny.  Instead of being egg shaped like the right one it looked more like a crescent moon.  She smiled and said that it was tucked behind my uterus. I asked if that was a problem and she said no. They float around in there and sometimes do that. I breathed a sigh of relief and put it aside. Later that evening though it came back and really bothered me. The ovaries are attached by ligaments and the Fallopian tubes. What if that tube is kinked slightly? You know the egg travels from the ovary down the Fallopian tube right? Well now ya do lol. If there is even a slight kink or whatever, the egg won’t make it down in time to get fertilized and thus no pregnancy.

I mentioned it again to my Doctor but she still shrugged it off as nothing to worry about.

So on this afternoon of prayer, I asked God to move my ovary back where it was supposed to be and that if my uterus was wacky to do the same with it. After all, if that ovary is behind my uterus, is it possible that it is causing my uterus to be tilted?? See this is how my brain works. Haha.

Well on April 22nd I went to the Chiropractor. My hips and neck had been bothering me for quite sometime and were getting worse. It was getting harder and harder to walk without wincing and to stand without my feet going numb.  I filled out the paperwork and waited. I take a medication called Metformin because I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome but it is otherwise known to be used for diabetics.  If you would like to read more about how it works click here:  PCOS And Metformin. So of course it raises questions at the doctor’s office. I explained it to her and she got excited. She said, “You know there are articles about how Chiropractors can help with PCOS right?” I didn’t know actually. After my exam she explained that my uterus was probably misaligned because my hips and pelvis were twisted and basically jacked up.  That left ovary came to mind and so I mentioned it to her. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Your doctor didn’t think that was a problem? You know that’s not normal right?” I told her that it had been a concern of mine but what could I do? She said, “We are going to fix your hips which will put your uterus back where it is supposed to be and your ovary should go back!  I hope you still want to get pregnant because I’m gonna get you pregnant!”  She then quickly explained that she couldn’t actually guarantee that I would get pregnant but she was sure gonna try! She gave me a high five and said that I would be the first! Haha she is awesome.

Here is food for thought: Yes God could fix everything with just a flick of His little finger and that’s actually what I had expected when I prayed. I didn’t go to the Chiropractor for fertility reasons. I was in pain! But if this works, then my Chiropractor can then go on to help other women who may not have the same belief in the Healer but want so desperately to become a mother. I know exactly what that desperation feels like. I would love to be able to help others through this experience.  And this will only further Glorify God and honor Him.

Either way my baby  is coming. Even if this isn’t the exact way it happens. I am not getting my hopes tangled up completely in this. My hope is in God and I am following Him one more step at a time.


2015-02-24 20.35.49

The Crib

As a part of our faith walk the Hubs and I have begun decorating for our ‘Faith’ baby. It’s really difficult to decide on a theme. I had no idea! I had created a secret board on Pinterest quite awhile ago and have been adding to it like crazy.

Matt and I have spent several occasions sitting in the nursery trying to paint visual pictures of what the little one’s room will look like. When we got to the furniture, Matt said that he would like to build the crib himself. What a wonderful idea! I agreed wholeheartedly.  A few weeks later he came inside after tramping through the woods and declared that he had found a fallen tree that had beautiful wood and he wanted to use it. He was getting excited.

May 13th I had a bad day. Yes I have those. I was getting discouraged and my faith was taking a hit. I was on the way home from choir practice when I broke into tears and cried out to God in frustration. I am so immature I know. Who needs signs all the time? Who needs confirmation every day? Me apparently. That’s something I promise I am working on. But on this day I was weak and grumpy and hormonal and whatever! I pulled into the driveway and sitting in the back yard was a big hunk of wood and sitting next to it was a chain saw.2015-05-14 12.27.32He had drug it up from the woods and had started his project. He knew I was upset that day and struggling. He came outside, smiled great big, and took my hand, “You gonna hope with me?” I, of course, burst into tears ’cause that’s whatcha do.  Isn’t that just like God to look past your wining and pathetic tears and say, “Hey! I love you and I have not forgotten about you.” I stand amazed, yet again.

This faith thing is hard and sometimes I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew. Yet at my weakest, He shows strength and amazing love.

My answer is YES. I will hope with my Husband. Will you also hope with me?


Worms, Herbs, and Other Things

Yes I know a lot of my posts have been about the worms , but I have more this time! I told you that I wanted to plant some herbs right? Well I finally did it! I also cheated and bought some plants. We planted: Rosemary, Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley seeds. We bought, Rosemary, Cilantro, Lavender, Lemon Balm, and Basil plants to get started. The dirt I used was from our worm compost. This stuff was super fertile! But it was very difficult to get all of the baby worms and eggs out of. The original dirt has now turned into dark black, clumpy compost. It was wet when I started separating and filling the pots but also a little hard.

I read and watched a video about sifting through your compost to make it light and fluffy for planting. It also helps to separate the worms out. Unfortunately there isn’t a very easy way to get the eggs out because they are so tiny. So some of them were sacrificed. Well they made it into the pots anyway. I read this after I had already filled my little herb pots. :/

I had looked up a bunch of different ways to grow your herbs and I finally picked one! Here is what ours looks like:

Wall Of Herbs and Buddy. ;)
Wall Of Herbs and Buddy. 😉

I love it! Hubby of course made it for me using a 2×4 and some rope. It was super easy to make and looks great on my front porch! For the labels on the pots I used Chalk board spray paint:

2015-05-02 16.04.15

As you can see I had already been using it and made a mess. I did not spend a ton of time trying to make the lines perfect and you may find an easier way to do it, but for mine I used painter’s tape:

Like this.
Like this.

Then just prayed. Now, you need to know, this stuff runs! Bad. So make sure that your tape is secured tight.

2015-05-02 16.04.09

Not the neatest thing ever but it will do.
Not the neatest thing ever but it will do.

Now they are ready to be written on.

So about the compost, after reading about sifting I asked Matt to make me one. This also turned out to be an easy project. A little time consuming, but easy! First your materials:

Hardware Cloth

He had started before I could get home to take pics...
He had started before I could get home to take pics…


Wood glue

2015-05-05 17.27.40



In the making...
In the making…

It worked great but we have learned a thing or two. Finished compost is wet and hard. So instead of sifting through it to use as potting soil, I am going to try compost tea. No I have no intention of drinking this tea. But my plants will love it! First I have read that using city water with chlorine in it is not recommended. The chlorine will kill off vital bacteria that your plants need. But that’s all we have. City water. So the suggestion was to fill a bucket up with the water and sit it in the sun for about two days. The sun will evaporate the chemicals and leave you with fresh water. The next step is to put the finished compost in the water and let it steep in a dark place for 5-7 days. Strain it, then pour this liquid gold into your garden! I’m gonna give it a try and let you know how it goes.

By the way…if you loved my hanging garden but don’t feel like making it yourself, holla. The hubs and I will do it for you!