A Bed Of Flowers

So yea I’m trying to see if I have a green thumb or a black thumb. Matt and I moved into our present house in May last year and were so exhausted from working, going to school, and getting the house fixed up to be moved into that we neglected an already neglected flower bed. Whew! That was a mouth full huh?

Anyway, I made a mistake and didn’t take before pics. Shame on me huh? This poor flower bed that someone had loved at one time or another had been neglected for God only knows how long. The idea was to get out there and just weed it. Ummm… think again Shalah! I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

First off we noticed that a rather large colony of ants had moved in. Had to get rid of them.  Once we did the deed we then started to pull up the weeds that had gathered around the bulbs. We then noticed that…well the bulbs were sitting on top of the dirt. The dirt that the colony had used for their fortress was on the other side of the bed. There was also a concrete fence thing that I had ran over twice with the lawn mower the year before because it had sunk so far down in the dirt that I couldn’t see where it began and where it ended. I looked at Matt and he looked at me. We both rolled our eyes. I said, “We are going to have to dig this whole thing up aren’t we”. With a crooked smile he said, “Yep sure are.”

So we started to gently dig around the roots of our bulbs. And dig some more. And more. Before we knew it we had a 5 gallon bucket full of bulbs! Once again I did not take a lot of pics. I have one of the bulbs though:

Huge right?
Huge right?

Seriously these bulbs were huge though! They had been there awhile I could tell. Many of them had several knobs on them to be separated and planted. We have given some away to 4 people and still have an abundance of these mystery bulbs. You see I’m not really sure what kind of flower these suckers produce. I think they are bearded irises but I really don’t know.  So for now they will be dubbed ‘Mystery Bulbs’.  (Thanks for that lovely title Brandi Heath.)

Like this one
Like this one

If so then I am super excited! I seem to remember a purple flower popping up last year…I have been told by a student of mine (Rebecca Gerrard) that they bloom in June. So we shall see. Either way I am excited to see them!

Ok back to the digging. Once we had all of the bulbs extracted, we could work a little faster. We pulled up the fencing and raked up the rest of the weeds. Oh by the way, ever wonder why it’s so hard to kill a brier bush? Check this guy out:

Holy Moly!
Holy Moly!



Yea that’s why. That thing is huge and that’s only part of it! Here is the other part:




After all of that, the bed was clean. But it was more a a hole than a bed. We went to ACE Hardware and bought potting soil that has fertilizer in it and red mulch. Did I mention there was a rose bush in the middle of the flower bed? It was getting the life choked out of it by all of those bulbs. I’m not a huge fan of roses honestly but I seem to remember these were little ones and very pretty so why not? Anyway, we filled in the hole  with the soil and made it a sort of raised flower bed. Then planted some of the bulbs back around the edges. I didn’t want to choke out the rose bush. I had also been given some new bulbs by Rebecca so I planted them too. I think they are daffodils.

After planting them we spread the red mulch over the bed and then watered the new, revitalized flower bed:

Flower Bed


Once again no pics but I had 3 adorable little helpers that day. Alex, Ava, and Jackson Gale. My niece and nephews. Much better huh? I promise to do better with photos. 🙂


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