The Vintage Hipster

Merry Christmas week all! This time of year just makes me happy. The sights, smells, laughter, anticipation…It’s all so wonderful, wouldn’t you agree? Check out this number:


I was taken by the pretty vintage top but the bottom? I suppose the colors go fairly well together but the bottom has no shape and the whole thing is just very blah wouldn’t you say?

So I got to work taking the bottom off with my seam ripper.  Also if you will look closely at the above photo you will see that the cuffs of the sleeves have elastic in them. I promptly removed the elastic. This dress is 100% Polyester so it wrinkled badly where I took the elastic out. The first thing I did was  iron them.

No we have spoken before of my long torso and comfort length. This top was wayyyyyy to short! What to do? Well it so happened that I had a black tank top that had been given to me that had a little problem…


Now I know that I could have fixed this little problem pretty easily but why? This tank top fit well but was also too short. I hated wearing it where it might be seen riding up my freakish torso! Hmph! So I chopped the top, just under the straps, off. Then pinned it with right sides together to my new top:

Pin it!
Pin it!

If you are going to try this make sure that you pin the seams of both tops together first. Then pin the rest of it.  Now you are ready to sew.

I have some exciting news for you…Christmas came early for this girl!


Yes you are seeing correctly! That is my brand new Serger!!! I have wanted one for a long time and my husband bought it for me for Christmas! Let me tell ya I love it! It makes my work so much prettier and easier to accomplish. Ok back to the refash… So I took my pinned tops and used the Serger to attach. Both fabrics are a bit stretchy so I made sure to stretch it slightly so that the finished product would gather a bit at the waist. Then I used a rolled hem with my new baby to finish the raw edges of the sleeves:

Check that out!I love this!! So pretty. Ok here is the finished project:

Me likes.
Me likes.

So originally I was going to make this a top but it turned into a cute little dress. Adding the leggings and boots just set it off. Vintage with a touch of modern day hipster.


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