Hawaiian Muu Muu

Good Saturday evening all! Another refash coming your way! This one I got at the Maranatha Mission Thrift Store for $2.


I love this color and print but as you can see it’s rather large, long, and not meant to be worn in it’s current condition. I mean seriously. Why were Muu Muu’s even invented? They are a fashion disaster in my opinion. No one looks good in them! Sorry folks it’s the hard truth right there.  Oh well here goes.

First look at the sleeves in the above picture. Cute right? I even like the shape of the neck line. So guess what? I kept them! All I did to this one is chop the length off and hem the raw edges. If you can sew a hem, you can do this refash!

Hello cute tunic!
Hello cute tunic!

I love it! It was still large and me being lazy I just threw on a belt. Easy one folks.  Go refashion something and when you do, email it to me and you might get picked to be on my blog! 1, 2, 3 GO!


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