A Day Of Freezer Cooking

Ok so it’s cooking day!! Are you ready? If you are just tuning in check out Freezer Cooking (Getting Prepared). So now that you are organized lets get cooking!

Now gather your printed recipes and divide them with your partner. Or if you are going at it alone separate the items to be cooked from the raw assembled. Then start cooking your bulk meats. These were the ones I used for this go around. I like to change it up from time to time. I take the ones that are tried and true and then add some new ones. If we don’t like the new ones so much then we just don’t use it again.  Here is a list of the recipes that I used and the instructions:

Chicken Pot Pie

Yummy Pie Crust

Spaghetti Sauce

Marinated Steaks

Mango Chicken Bake

Cheesy Chicken and Rice


BBQ Beef

Slow Cooker Philly Cheesteaks

My Meatloaf


Chicken Pot Pie


(6) Breasts

(3) Onions

(6) Carrots

(6) Celery Stalks

(3) Small Potatoes

(4) tablespoons butter

Chicken Broth (42oz)

3 cans peas

3 cans cream of chicken soup

3 Boxes of Re fridge pie crust ( I make my own)



Preheat Oven to 400 degrees

 Wash & Trim ALL the Chicken Breasts. Put (6) Breasts in a pot of water on the stove and cook on med high heat for about 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. While the Chicken is cooking… chop vegetables for chicken pot pie: (3) Onions, (6) Carrots, (6) Celery Stalks and (3) Small Potatoes. Put aside 1/8 cup chopped onion for another recipe. Melt (4) tablespoons butter in large sauce pot and add all chopped vegetables EXCEPT potatoes.

Chicken Pot Pie all wrapped up:

 While the veggies are sauteing, shred the cooked chicken breast with two forks and set aside. Add Chicken Broth (42oz) & diced Potato to pot with sauteed veggies after about 5 minutes and let simmer over med-med high heat until reduced by half. Remove pre-made pie crust from fridge. It will need to sit for (10) minutes before placing in round foil pans. After the Chicken Broth has reduced by half with the veggies- stir in shredded chicken, 3 cans peas and 3 cans cream of chicken. Line each of the (3) foil round pans with a pie crust. Evenly distribute chicken/veg mixture into each pie pan. Top each with remaining pie crust. Pinch sides of each together using your fingers or a fork. Cut 2-3 vents in the top using a sharp knife. WRAP WELL with plastic wrap and foil. Using a permanent market- write on each one “Chicken Pot Pie, the date and 350 degrees 45 minutes” *or until golden and bubbly. Place in Freezer.

Recipe originated from: MELISSAFALLISTESTKITCHEN.com


Just so you know that pot is huge!!!! As you can see it is filled to the rim. Since this has to cook for quite sometime I start with this one and it is the last one I wrap up. This one made 8 or 9 pie sized Chicken Pot Pies. Or you can make the personal ones. It will make A LOT of those! I usually try to make them but forgot to buy the little tins. When I do make them I make at least one large one with the small ones. I really like to make my own crust. It’s cheaper and way yummier than the store bought kind. If you are interested in making your own the recipe is below. I didn’t take pictures of the finished project because I was too darn tired. Sorry…you will be too. 😉

Yummy Pie Crust


2 1/2 C flour

1/2 C butter

1/2 C shortening

pinch of salt

ice cold water, add teaspoon by teaspoon until right consistency has formed


Place flour, salt, butter and shortening in bowl. Use your hands to combine ingredients until small pebbles form. Add cold water a teaspoon at a time until the dough begins to hold together and form a ball. Do not over handle the dough. Dough should be soft, moist but not wet. Divide dough in half. Place ball of dough onto wax paper and flatten. Place another piece of wax paper over the top and roll out the pastry into a circle. If your pie pan is 9 inch make sure your circle is bigger than 9 inches so you have enough for the edging. Remove the top layer of wax paper and place pastry into pie tin. Remove other piece of wax paper and press pastry into pan. Use your fingers to crimp the edge of the crust. Freeze for 30 minutes to firm up the pastry. This helps prevent pastry from shrinking during baking. Prick the bottom of crust to prevent bubbling during baking. If pie calls for a baked crust bake at 400 degrees. For the first 10-12 minutes keep the edges of pie covered with foil and then remove for the last 15 minutes. Bake until golden brown. This one is used for the Chicken pot pie so I do not pre-bake it.


Best Spaghetti Sauce Ever!!!


2 lb. hamburger

1 lb Italian Sausage Chopped

2 cloves Garlic, Minced

4 cans (14.5 Ounce) Whole Tomatoes (puree until smooth)

4 cans (6 Ounce) Tomato Paste

4 Tablespoons Dried Parsley

4 Tablespoons Dried Basil

2 teaspoons Salt


In a large skillet or saucepan, combine ground beef, sausage, and garlic. Cook over medium-high heat until browned. Drain half the fat. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, 2 tablespoons parsley, basil and salt. After adding the tomatoes, the sauce mixture should simmer for 45 minutes. Divide in half to freeze. I like to freeze mine in gallon sized Ziplock bags labeled Spaghetti Sauce and the date.  I use this sauce for my lasagna and baked ziti.

Best ever!
Best ever!

I didn’t take many photos but here is my big pot full. I will double this recipe from time to time to make 4 meals out of it.

Marinated Steaks


2 pounds t-bone steaks

2 teaspoons meat tenderizer

0.5 cups ketchup

2 Tablepoons red wine vinegar

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/4 cup red wine (or sub grape juice)

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoons pepper

1/2 teaspoons dry mustard

1/2 teaspoons celery salt

1/2 teaspoons chili powder



In a glass baking dish or plastic container, place the steaks. Pierce both sides of the steak with a fork at 1/2 inch intervals. Sprinkle both sides of meat with meat tenderizer. Combine remaining ingredients in a small bowl and mix. Marinate steak for 4 hours turning several times throughout the process. Place steak on the grill close to the hot fire and brown on both sides. Remove from direct heat and continue to grill 5-10 minutes on each side or until desired rareness is achieved. Baste frequently.

Freezing Directions:

Prepare meat and marinade as directed. Place both in a gallon freezer bag and freeze. To serve: Thaw. Place steak on the grill close to the hot fire and brown on both sides. Remove from direct heat and continue to grill 5-10 minutes on each side or until desired rareness is achieved. Baste frequently. Servings: 4 I try to give credit where its due but for the life of me I can’t seem to find where I got the recipe! I know it was from Pinterest…




Mango Chicken Vegetable Bake




1 pound boneless chicken breasts

5 cups fresh diced vegetables (I used carrots, zucchini and broccoli)

1 mango peeled, cored and diced

2 sliced green onions

0.5 cups cilantro

0.5 cups water

0.25 cups lime juice



Spray 8×8 baking pan with cooking spray. Place chicken in pan. In a food processor, process mango, water and lime juice until pureed. Stir in green onions and cilantro. Pour over chicken. Place diced vegetables on top and around chicken. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for one hour or until chicken has reached 165 degrees.

 Freezing Directions:

Prepare as directed above but do not bake. Cover and freeze. To serve: Thaw. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for one hour or until chicken has reached 165 degrees. Servings: 4 I actually got 3 meals out of this one! It was good but I think it might need a bit more salt. Again can’t remember where I got it from but I know it was a link on Pinterest. :/


Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Rice



4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 large onion, chopped

1 to 8 ounce box Zatarain’s Yellow Rice Mix, cooked according to directions

1 cup cheddar cheese

1 to 10.5 ounce can cream of chicken soup (regular or fat free)

1 to 15 ounce can whole kernel corn, drained


Place chicken in bottom of slow cooker. Scatter chopped onion over top. Spoon cream soup over top of that. Cover and cook on low 7-8 hours or on high 3-4 hours. A few minutes before serving, add in cooked rice, corn, and cheese. Stir to combine. Serve hot. I made yeast rolls to go with it as well. It was great! Here is the link for this one: http://www.southernplate.com/2010/09/slow-cooker-cheesy-chicken-and-rice

Slow Cooker Sweet and Tangy Meatballs



1 (16-18 oz) jar grape jelly

1 Bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce

1 (2 lb) package frozen meatballs


In a bowl, combine Sweet Baby Ray’s and grape jelly until smooth. Place meatballs in a resealable gallon-sized freezer bag. Pour in the sauce mixture and mix together in the bag until thoroughly combined. Zip bag closed. When ready to eat, remove from freezer and thaw in fridge for 24 hours. Cook on HIGH for 1-2 hours or LOW for 3-4 hours. Serve over rice or with toothpicks (makes a great appetizer too!). Love love love this one!! We either eat them like they are or on toasted sub rolls with cheese.




8 oz Tomato paste

1 Tbsp pepper

1/2 tsp oregano

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1 (16 oz) bottle Baby Rays BBQ sauce

3 to 4 lb. boneless roast


PREPARE FOR FREEZING: Combine tomato sauce, pepper, oregano, garlic powder, and pinch of sugar, add BBQ sauce. Place sauce in gallon freezer bag. Place roast in a roaster or pan that can catch drippings and cover with lid or foil. Cook roast at 350 for 5-6 hours. Let cool. Divide if needed and place in freezer bag with sauce and freeze.

PREPARE AFTER FREEZING: Thaw. Warm in oven at 350 for 1-2 hours. Slice and serve on hamburger buns or your favorite bread. I freeze this one raw and thaw it out the night before then proceed to cook it in the crock pot. Works great! Here is the link for this one: Crock Pot BBQ Beef

Slow Cooker Philly Cheesesteaks


1.5 to 2 lbs round steak, thinly sliced (the more thinly they are sliced, the less cooking time is required)

1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 onion, sliced

1 bell pepper, sliced

32 oz low-sodium beef broth

6 French rolls

12 slices of Provolone, American, or other cheese


Rub the steak with pepper and garlic powder. Place in the slow cooker. Add onion, bell pepper and beef broth. Stir to mix. Cook on low for 5-7 hours or until meat is tender. Toast open rolls for several minutes until slightly crusty. Lay a piece of cheese on both sides of the roll. Use tongs to remove meat, onions and bell pepper from slow cooker (letting juices drip off) and pile on top of rolls. Return to the oven to melt cheese. Serve hot!

To Freeze: Assemble all ingredients in a gallon sized Ziplock bag and label with directions. Easy Peasy! Here is the Link: Slow Cooker Philly Cheesesteak


My Meatloaf


2 lbs ground beef

1 bell pepper

1 onion


About a cup of oatmeal

2 eggs


Mix all ingredients. Place in loaf pan bake at 350 for 1 hour. Spread ketchup to taste over top and bake for 10 minutes more.

 To Freeze: Wrap with saran wrap and foil then label with instructions. Be sure to thaw before cooking!

And that’s it! These recipes made about 20 meals all together. I didn’t count this time. Oops 🙂 But you have to keep in mind too that some of them will have left overs. Giving you lunch and dinner again if you choose. Remember also to add to the ingredients according to your family size. Since its just the two of us I usually make for 4 so as to have left overs or seconds. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any more trouble shooting! Happy cooking!



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