What If That Were Me?

Recently Matt and I moved to Macon. Well just outside of Macon. I took a full time position at Central Georgia Technical College May 1st. Matt works in Macon and goes to school there so why not right? Anyway if you know anything about Macon then you will know what I mean by saying there are some crazy folks that live there! Well on that note, I wanted to share with you a humble moment that I had on the way home Thursday evening.

There he was again. A skinny, dread locked, bearded, crazy, African American man walking up Eisenhower Parkway. I had seen him before. He would dance himself up the street and at times looked next to himself and carry on a conversation with an invisible friend many times laughing at some joke they had shared. I just shook my head normally and frowned in disgust. “This dude needs to be locked away at Central State Hospital for sure!” I would think to myself. One day he danced so hard he almost fell into oncoming traffic! Seriously he needs to be locked away before he gets killed!

Thursday kind of changed my thinking. The sun was blazing through my window and was blinding me even with my sunglasses on. The tinted windows of my car didn’t help much. There he was again. But this time he looked right at me, smiled, and bobbed his head in greeting. He went on about his merry little way oblivious to the shock that ran through me. “What if that were me, Shalah?” I heard His voice say. “What if that were an Angel in disguise? Would you laugh Me to scorn?” Tears immediately started to form. I remembered then another time that I had seen this man. He was dancing but his dance was different. He was bending down and throwing his hands in the air with a glorious smile on his face as if in worship.

My friends, I am ashamed. Ashamed of my first thought being an ugly one. What if he were God Himself in disguise? An Angel of the Lord? What right do I have to scorn him. True he could just be a crazy man strung out on drugs or drunk. But who am I to judge him? Or assume anything about him? I do not know from where he comes. I do not know his story. But I do know that he blessed my soul that day. I will not be so quick to judge.



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