Tribal Queen

So, as you can see, I am totally getting over whatever funk I was in and my creative juices are beginning to flow once more! I’m telling you Milledgeville people, if ya haven’t gone to Maranatha Thrift store on Allen Memorial Drive you are missing out! Another $2 score coming your way:

A bit drab, eh?
I’m loving this wild print!

So this one caught my eye right away. I  love earthy tones and doesn’t this just scream tribal to you? No? Just me? Anybody?

Earthy tones go with just about anything and can be worn year around. This little deal is very comfortable but as you can see doesn’t fit me very well and is plain. Let the magic begin! (Picture me waving my magic wand. It’s more fun that way. hee hee hee.)

Once again this refashion was inspired by a student of mine. She got very excited about the print. She decided very quickly that this should be a skirt for sure! Check out the slit in the side right? Poor thing. She doesn’t know my hate for skirts does she? Tsk Tsk. But what the heck? Maybe she was right?

So I chopped the top off, folded the raw edges over to create a casing for some elastic.

Tribal 1

I finished it and whatdaya know?

Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!

I might have to rethink my dislike of skirts. I am in love with this one!



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