How to Grow Red Potatoes

Potatoes? Really? From Refashioning to POTATOES?! Calm down folks this is a good thing I promise. 🙂

So the Hubby and I decided to try gardening. Again. We always get the itch when the weather turns nice and things start sprouting and turning green. However, in the past, we have not had much success. So I decided what the heck I would try it again. With something that was rumored to be easy to grow. Red potatoes. Not to mention that I LOVE red potatoes! I mean whats not to love? They are a bit sweeter than your run of the mill Idaho Potato and go great in a low country boil, roast, or just mashed!

So I had bought a bag of these yummy potatoes and alas forgot all about them. Luckily they were in a cool place and didn’t rot. Instead the sprouted eyes. Yes that’s what I call them. So I did some research and discovered that potato with “eyes” are the same thing as a “seed” potato. So I gave it a whirl. First I went to the Goodwill and bought a large plastic tub for $5. Then went to Lowe’s and got organic soil. I then pored the dirt in the plastic tub. I stuck the “seed” potatoes in the dirt and made sure they were well watered. Then…erm…forgot about them. But not to worry. We have had so much rain here that I they did fine! More than fine really. Check it out:


You are looking at 11 new potatoes from 6 seed potatoes! How cool is that? Total success!



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