Gypsy Girl

I saw this one at the Goodwill about 8 months ago and fell madly in love with the print!

Lovely yes?

Nothing wrong with this one right? Wrong! Look closely. I mean real close:


The top is shurred and of course you all know how much I love shurred tops! But this one was…well a bit too small for my…erm…larger upper body. 😉 So I knew I must do something to fix this.  So I got to work removing that awful top. Then…

Insert cute but plain top...
Insert cute but plain top…

I was going through my shirt drawer yesterday trying to purge. This cute lil top was going to the Goodwill. But then I took a closer look and thought, “why not?” The empire waist of this top has elastic just under the waist line. I cut the bottom off just under this elastic leaving enough room for stitching.  I sat down and began pinning my new top to the skirt bottom of the dress. Made a stitch around the waist line and…


Now what about that shurred top? I cut off the little straps and then pulled it over my head and down around my waist. Now it has some raw edges which I will take care of when I can get to my mom’s house to use her serger. The top is so much more comfortable now and looks better too!