Black And White

So it’s been awhile. I’m still searching and searching for those little gems that need help shining. Forgive me faithful readers.

So this one isn’t amazing but I have more to come! No worries.

It's a snooze fest people
It’s a snooze fest people

As you can see this frock is quite boring. I love the color ya know cause black and white are classic. The print is nice too. But again…BORING! This was was an easy fix though and great for my no sewers. The back was nice. It has black buttons. So I simply turned this frock around and threw on a cardi and some boots. So easy. I like easy.


What I love about the Refashioning world is that just because you are supposed to wear something one way doesn’t mean you have to! I am constantly looking at things backwards. Maybe that’s strange but I wouldn’t wear this one any different! More to come I promise!