Sweater Dress

No I am not dead! Hahah So sorry that it has been so long. I am seriously running outta stuff to refashion. My stash is full of summer stuff and not Fall/Winter stuff! Oh no! Never fear I have a date with my thrifting buddy Tuesday!

So my mom, A.K.A Thrifting Buddy, fussed at me about not posting anything. Hee hee so in honor of her I dug frantically through my stash and found this:

XXXL People

So this nice sweater was rather comfy in it’s present form. However It would get no use outside of the house. So I decided to sew up the arms and down the sides to make it fit. Then I cut off the excess sweater. I then put my arms and head through the neckline. I added some grey tights, a black sweater, and some black boots.

Sweater dress!!!

I love sweater dresses but they never seem to fit properly. So I’ll make it fit! I have to say I love this one. Cheers!