Happy Birthday To Me!

So today is my birthday! It also marks my last year in my 20s. I have to admit, having 30 stare me in the face is a little daunting. Not that 30 is old to me mind you but it’s the beginning of a whole new decade. A clean slate perhaps? A do over in a way? I don’t know. I have a whole year to figure that out. 😉 Many of my friends have already crossed that 30 mark and some will of course cross it with me. We all have a different perspective I think. Some are dreading others it hasn’t hit them yet and still others don’t care at all.  Where do I fit? I’m reflective. Excited. A little nervous.

I had goals that I wanted to reach before I turned 30. I haven’t reached them all of course but my 20s aren’t over yet! I wanted to find the love of my life. Check. I married the most wonderful man in the world when I was 21. Sorry ladies but he IS the most wonderful man in the world. 😉 I wanted a trade. I graduated from CGTC  when I was 23. Check. I wanted to work in a Spa. Check I began working at Serenity Wellness Spa and Salon when I was 23 and finished when I was 27. Check. I wanted to teach Cosmetology. Check. I began working at CGTC when I was 28. The only goal that has not been reached yet is becoming a mom. But there is still a little time left. 😉

Now that my 30s are just around the corner I have new goals. I won’t bore you with another list but they are numerous! Can I reached all of them before 40? Why not? I have decided that I am going to reach 30 and blow it wide opened! 30 doesn’t scare me. It’s just another decade to become better. To do things people usually dream of but never do. After all 30 is just a number. I will enjoy this last year of my 20s and look forward to the next adventure.  Have a blessed day all!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. It’s really not a bad age/decade! I’m turning 31 in a few days and it hasn’t really fazed me like I thought it would. I feel more relaxed and focused than I have in my life before! Get ready for your roarin’ 30’s!! ❤

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