The Happy Frock

A BIG shout out to Emily Kennedy for telling me about a great new thrift shop in Milledgeville! It’s Called the Opened Door Thrift Shop and it is located on Sinclair Marina Road in the old Victory Baptist Church. That is where I found this Lovely skirt for a $1.75.


Look at all that fabric!

I am absolutely loving the print and color of this one! So I tried it on and decided that a dress it should be. I pinned it for a sleeve just like The Pleasant Peasant  Viewed here : But because there is so much fabric here I made two sleeves instead of one. 


Check out those sleeves!!!

Here is the back:


Check out the scoop. 

This one is perfect for greeting the Fall. I will greet it with bells and boots on!


You thought I was joking didn’t you? 😉

Yes the ties on this skirt came with tiny bells! A happy little frock indeed!


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