Shirr Delight

I got this one from a friend. (MS. Ruth) 😉


I really liked the color of this one. It’s a soft rose and off white gingham. I’m not a huge fan of gingham really but this one was different. It is also sear sucker and it is stretchy! Which means comfortable. I like comfortable.;) Anyway I decided to shirr it just like the It’s A Shirr Thing  dress. You can view it here :

This dress had some ties that I used as straps. They worked perfect! I tried it on after I shirred it and pinned with safety pins where the straps should go. You may need help with that part. I made sure to sew it across the top hem so that it kind of camouflaged the extra seam.


The color is not terribly bright which makes it appropriate to wear through the Fall as well. We don’t experience true cold until February or March! So I will throw on a jean jacket and some brown boots and have a Fall number too!



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