Roses Are Red…And Pink

Remember this one?


And how I turned the skirt into this?


You can view the whole thing here

Ever wonder what happened to the top of this dress? As you know I am into saving the environment as much as I can. So I throw away nothing! I like to keep the scraps from my projects because you never know when they might come in handy. After all they could become straps for another outfit or a purse or a sash or really anything that requires fabric. So don’t throw your scraps away! Well the top of this dress had a few things that were unattractive about it. First off shoulder pads. Ugh why were they even invented?? Then the sleeves had cuffs that made them rather uncomfortable. So I chopped them off.


Buh Bye uglies!

I hemmed the raw edges at the bottom where I originally separated the top from the bottom of the dress and then hemmed the raw edges left from chopping off the cuffs. I ironed my new seems to make them lie flat. The neck line in the back had a buttoned closure so I turned the top around backwards and tucked it down to give it a V. 


I am headed to Macon in about an hour to see an old friend that I haven’t seen since my wedding almost 8 years ago! It’s a bit rainy today so this cute lil top will be perfect! 


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