It’s A Skirt, No It’s A Shirt, No It’s TWO Shirts!

This lovely skirt was given to me by Michelle Atwell. I put on and tried it different ways and it just didnt work for me. But perhaps one of her daughters or both could benefit.


Lovely Ashton.

I was informed by this little lady that she and her sister were headed to the beach this coming week and that they needed something new. So I got to work. This one had a lining on the inside that when tried on as a top pulled a little. So I cut it out.


See ya!

Ashton really liked the Pleasant Peasant top so I made this one like that one. However When she tried it on it was a bit tight through the top. Oopps on my part. But not to worry. Remember the AHH What A Cutie Top?

I made one slit under the waist band and then hemmed the raw edges for a little cap sleeve and that did it! Here is the end result:



Now wait there is more. Remember this?


Yes well this one is a no waste deal! Bri decided that she needed a wrap for her bathing suit. We were all at my mama and  daddy’s house when all of this was done. My mama has an awesome serger. So I used that to hem the raw edges. I used white thread so that it would show up and kinda set it off. (And because I was to lazy to re thread it. Have you ever re threaded those things? Whew.) Anyway here it is.


That is one way to wear it.


And here is another.

Such a beauty yes? With her lovely red hair this color green was perfect!


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