Rainy Day Top

Ahhh it’s a rainy day in GA folks. A good time to refashion something wouldn’t you agree? This one my sweet mama picked up for me at The Maratha Mission Thrift Store.


The color is nice but wow on the style.

My mother loves finding unfashionable things for me to make beautiful. So thank you mom. I racked my brain on this one. I tried it on upside down so that that pretty border was at the top.


So pretty.

That was really the reason my mom picked this one out. However it just wasn’t working. So I cut the border off and put it in my stash for later use. I decided that since it was rainy I should just make something comfy. I cut the skirt off and added a casing for some elastic. Then did the same for the bottom. I made two slits under the first casing for some arm holes. Then hemmed the raw edges. It was still quite roomy which was ok by me since it was made for comfort more than looks. But I kinda like it in it’s plainess. 🙂


Yes my dear readers my hair got another refash. As most of you know I am a Cosmetologist by trade so come on what do you expect? I must refashion my hair often. But look closer:


Yep that’s Teal and Purple.


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