The Happy Frock

A BIG shout out to Emily Kennedy for telling me about a great new thrift shop in Milledgeville! It’s Called the Opened Door Thrift Shop and it is located on Sinclair Marina Road in the old Victory Baptist Church. That is where I found this Lovely skirt for a $1.75.


Look at all that fabric!

I am absolutely loving the print and color of this one! So I tried it on and decided that a dress it should be. I pinned it for a sleeve just like The Pleasant Peasant  Viewed here : But because there is so much fabric here I made two sleeves instead of one. 


Check out those sleeves!!!

Here is the back:


Check out the scoop. 

This one is perfect for greeting the Fall. I will greet it with bells and boots on!


You thought I was joking didn’t you? 😉

Yes the ties on this skirt came with tiny bells! A happy little frock indeed!


Shirr Delight

I got this one from a friend. (MS. Ruth) 😉


I really liked the color of this one. It’s a soft rose and off white gingham. I’m not a huge fan of gingham really but this one was different. It is also sear sucker and it is stretchy! Which means comfortable. I like comfortable.;) Anyway I decided to shirr it just like the It’s A Shirr Thing  dress. You can view it here :

This dress had some ties that I used as straps. They worked perfect! I tried it on after I shirred it and pinned with safety pins where the straps should go. You may need help with that part. I made sure to sew it across the top hem so that it kind of camouflaged the extra seam.


The color is not terribly bright which makes it appropriate to wear through the Fall as well. We don’t experience true cold until February or March! So I will throw on a jean jacket and some brown boots and have a Fall number too!


Comfy Yet Elegant

I really like the print on this one.


Black and teal go great together wouldn’t you agree? This one is a no sew refashion. The fabric is a double knit. I made a slit about 2 inches below the waist band on one side. 


I decided that I wanted this one to be an off the shoulder number.


Very comfy yet adds a little elegance.  

Roses Are Red…And Pink

Remember this one?


And how I turned the skirt into this?


You can view the whole thing here

Ever wonder what happened to the top of this dress? As you know I am into saving the environment as much as I can. So I throw away nothing! I like to keep the scraps from my projects because you never know when they might come in handy. After all they could become straps for another outfit or a purse or a sash or really anything that requires fabric. So don’t throw your scraps away! Well the top of this dress had a few things that were unattractive about it. First off shoulder pads. Ugh why were they even invented?? Then the sleeves had cuffs that made them rather uncomfortable. So I chopped them off.


Buh Bye uglies!

I hemmed the raw edges at the bottom where I originally separated the top from the bottom of the dress and then hemmed the raw edges left from chopping off the cuffs. I ironed my new seems to make them lie flat. The neck line in the back had a buttoned closure so I turned the top around backwards and tucked it down to give it a V. 


I am headed to Macon in about an hour to see an old friend that I haven’t seen since my wedding almost 8 years ago! It’s a bit rainy today so this cute lil top will be perfect! 

I’ve Got The Blues

I found this one in a big bag of hand me downs months ago and fell in love with the color and the print. The nice flow of the fabric was also a plus! But there was one problem:


It’s a SKIRT!!!

Well I loved how simple the Fall Is In The Air Jacket was. You can view it here : I’m still learning this blogging thing so please be patient. 🙂 This skirt had a nice thick white lining in it that I thought might give me trouble. But guess what? It didn’t! 


To get this look you turn the skirt inside out, put your arms through the waist band and adjust it to your liking. Very easy. It is also long enough for me to pull it under my arms and cinch it at the waist for a cute summer dress!

Yikes Stripes!

Hubby and I were at Goodwill a few weeks back when he spotted this one hiding on the skirt rack:


Didn’t I promise myself NOT to take pics first thing? Ugh!

Well I looked at it and immediately saw another no sew. I pulled it up under the arms, took the two ties in the front and tied them around the neck for an instant halter dress.


Ahhh less scary now!

I took some advice from some friends and got some leggings. I’m loving it! Thanks for the suggestion ya’ll!

Fall Is In The Air

Umm not really but I am so ready for it! I’ve had this skirt for a couple of years just hanging there lonely in the closet.


Geeze I have GOT to stop taking pics when I first wake up! YIKES!

As you can see it has tons of fabric! Layers and layers. I have racked my brain on this one and finally it paid off. This is another no sew. I turned the skirt inside out then put my arms through the waist. I then flipped the layers around to the front, pulled, tugged, and then threw on a belt. 


A little hot for summer but it will be perfect for the Fall!


From the back.

Love the layers.