Pleasant Peasant

Thank you Michelle Atwell for this lovely numba:


Eek this is what I look like in the mornings. Be glad I pulled my hair up!

This one is rather thin so the manufacturer put a white lining at the top. I tried it on with the wait around the neck and under one arm to give it an off the shoulder look. With the lining still attached it was too tight so I cut the lining out. But as I was cutting I felt a snag so curious I stopped to look.



Yep this is what happens when ya get in a hurry and do not pay attention! Needless to say I was bummed. But never give up. Never surrender!!! 😉 This skirt was put together in layers so I just cut the top layer off.


Kitty enjoying the victims of circumstance. 

I hemmed the raw edges then tried it on again. I pinned a sleeve and then instead of making two seems side by side like I usually do I decided to cut it. That left the new sleeve and side opened. I seemed these closed in one long seem up the side and around the under arm and down the sleeve. Confused yet? Me too. LOL  just kidding. I made some small cuts close to the seem at the underarm to give it some mobility. I tried it on and it was way to big so I took it in about 4 inches, ironed the seems, and finally this beast was done!



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