The Emma Dress

My beautiful niece Emma turns four on the 25th. Her and her awesome family are in town for the week and so we got to celebrate her birthday this evening. I decided that for her birthday she needed a new dress!

I am in love with pillow case dresses. If you can find pretty vintage pillow cases they make some of the prettiest dresses ever. And what’s even better is they are super simple to make. I found this one at the Goodwill several months ago for about $2.


Here is what I did. I cut the closed end about three inches across. I hemmed the raw edges under and then decided to shirr the top part. I shirred 10 rows since this one was for a 4 year old. I had some pretty lace that my mom had given me that matched perfectly. I used that for the straps.That’s it. It already had a pretty hem and the sides were already in place the result?


A lovely little frock.


The birthday girl. Such a sweet smile.


A hug for me after seeing her new dress.


Pretty as a princess. 🙂


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