So I actually like this one as a skirt. But it makes me look fat lol.


So I’m headed to Tybee with my two oldest nieces on Thursday. I needed a bathing suit cover up for the occasion.  I liked the bright color of this one and figured it would be a nice dress/cover up. So I pulled it up under the arms and ha another no sew! Seriously could it be any easier?




4 thoughts on “Beach!!”

  1. this one gave me a little inspiration! I didnt have a swim suit for this summer and I needed one quick. I found an old skirt in a box in my closet. It was flowery and had a “tummy panel” in it. So I pulled it up under my arms and the “tummy panel” now became the bodice of my swim suit. Threw a pair of black boxer shorts underneath and BAM! Instant cute swim wear! Thanks girl…dont think I will ever buy a premade swimsuit again!

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