A Rose By Any Other Name…

I found this one at the Methodist Children’s Home Yard Sale for $.25. Let me just say that I love supporting this place. The Home has sheltered many, many children over the years and has helped to change their lives. All the proceed go toward food, lodging, and trips that they might not otherwise be able to go on. That being said here it is:





Another old lady type deal. But I loved the print and the feel of the fabric. So I got to work seperating the top from the bottom. I made a casing around the waist and inserted the original elastic through it. I tried it on as a top and then pinned it where my arms would go then made a snip.


I then made a seem all the way to the bottom to form the waist and cut off the excess. It was pointed out to me by my lovely niece Ashton that she just loves how I look in halter tops or one sleeve tops. So I made it into a one shoulder in her honor. 😉



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