Rose Garden Top

At first when I saw this one I wasn’t to crazy about it.

You can see why right?
You can see why right?

Very um old lady. Besides I’m not a huge fan of big roses. But I decided to try anyway. First I got rid of these

Shoulder pads? Why? What purpose do they serve??

Then this weird netting stuff.

What is this for?

Also got rid of those poofy sleeves. It’s way to hot here for those! I also got rid of that out dated collar. Which left me with a slight mess to clean up. No worries I ran a hem around the raw edges of the sleeves and the neck. Then I detached the skirt from the top and hemmed the bottom.  I tried it on and discovered a little problem. The holes from the sleeves were to big. Oh well so I took a long silver chain and wrapped it several times through the arms and this is what I got.

Maybe roses aren’t so bad after all.

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