Green With Envy

I found this horrible thing at The Maranatha Mission Thrift Store for $1. It is a size 22w and oh so boring. But I was immediately drawn to the fabric. It flows and does not wrinkle! Yay! The color is nice too. Oh the possibilities!

So I took a seam ripper and got rid of that boring top. It had a zipper I got rid of that. Now I had a huge skirt to deal with.

The skirt was put together with pannels. I took one out and seemed it up the back. Then made a casing around the waist

and put elastic in the casing. Instant skirt! No hemming required! But as I looked at it it still looked to blah. So instead I did this.

Much, much better don’t ya think?

It had ties in the back. I removed them, took one and crossed it over in the front then safety pinned it to the top.

I then took this lovely little broach my mother gave me and pinned it over the pins. I did not sew the straps on because I may still want to wear it as a skirt.


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